Suburban terror as man invades homes

Ivanhoe Street in Morley.
Ivanhoe Street in Morley.

POLICE are investigating after a series of terrifying incidents in Morley last night.

The trouble began on Ivanhoe Street just before 7pm.

A report was received that a male had turned off the power to a house on the street and entered the house after smashing a front window.

A woman in the house locked herself in the bathroom to escape the man.

The man was then said to have forced entry into a house across the road where a woman was also present.

The woman noticed the man was bleeding profusely from his wrist.

He then exited the house and ran to a man who had got out his car, getting in the passenger side of the vehicle.

Police attended and the man exited the car and ran towards them.

He continued to act erratically before jumping onto the bonnet of the police vehicle and causing damage.

The 22-year-old man was apprehended by police and was taken to Royal Perth Hospital by attending ambulance officers.

He will undergo surgery for the injury to his wrist and inquiries will continue into the matters.