Support for culturally diverse women with breast cancer in Mirrabooka

A SUPPORT group for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CaLD) women undergoing cancer treatment will launch on October 13 at Ishar Multicultural Women’s Health Centre in Mirrabooka.

The Pink Ladies Breast Cancer Support Group, funded by Cancer Australia under the Ralph Lauren Pink Pony Campaign, was designed to bring women from diverse backgrounds living with the disease together in a supportive and helpful environment.

Project coordinator and Joondanna resident Nilda Eisen, who was born in Argentina, migrated to Australia in 1972 and was diagnosed with breast cancer four years ago.

Ms Eisen said there was a need to create a support group for CaLD women who may have poor English, lack of knowledge of support services, social isolation or lack of transport experience difficulties in accessing services available to them.

“The intention of the project is to provide and opportunity to such women in a nurturing group environment to understand their own breast cancer journey, learn about self care, discuss their feelings and be provided with assistance to navigate and access the range of support services in the community,” she said.

Ms Eisen, who speaks Spanish, said she received full treatment and because of her good command of English and, having been a social worker for 25 years, she was fortunate to have an understanding of the disease, its treatment and was able to access support.

“Therefore, I feel compeled to assist other women from and non English speaking background to go through similar situations and benefit from the available knowledge and resources,” she said.