Taking steps over ‘unsafe’ footpath

Mr Coleman said the |�hurdle� had been there for quite some time and blamed Town of Bassendean neglect for it being there so long.

�Due to council neglect this footpath has been in this condition for some time now because of a council tree on council verge, with council roots lifting this council path,� he said.

�In my opinion this footpath should have been made safe months, if not years, ago.�

Town of Bassendean chief executive Bob Jarvis said a report had not been made about the footpath, but it would be fixed within two weeks.

�No report or alert has been provided or received on this issue; in the 2014 Footpath Inspection Program no defect in this location was reported, (but) it will be listed as a defect and fixed,� he said.

Mr Jarvis said the Town had spent more than $400,000 this financial year in upgrading and repairing footpaths.

�We identify and receive defect locations each week,� he said.