Teens charged with assault, disorderly behaviour and damage

After creating a disturbance, the four male teenagers were asked to leave by store management before throwing chairs at staff members.

Police said a scuffle then broke out and one of the teens punched a staff member in the face and chest.

A short time later, police said the four returned with bricks and other projectiles that they threw at staff in the store before running off.

Police found three of the alleged offenders on Sunday, May 18, with the fourth offender apprehended but not charged in relation to the incident.

Two 15-year-old males were charged with several offences including assault, disorderly behaviour and criminal damage.

A third 15-year-old male was charged with criminal damage and disorderly behaviour.

He was placed on a curfew.

The three teenagers are due to appear in the Children’s Court on June 6.