The ten crappiest things you can buy at tomorrow’s police auction

Put some spring in your step with this item for sale at the WA Police auction.
Put some spring in your step with this item for sale at the WA Police auction.

FORGET the amazing 1960s era Monaro, the quad bike or the vintage bikes – we’re loving tomorrow’s WA Police forfeited and unclaimed property auction for its more “unique” items.

We’ve listed our ten favourite crappy items here.

1 Three seashells (one broken) 

An essential buy for anyone who yearns for the relaxing noise of the ocean but with no time to visit the beach.

2 Canvas shopping bags and a small beige outdoor cushion 

No need to fret about the plastic bag ban, here are some amazing reusable bags. The MKR bag is practically a collectable.

3 An ant plant holder, broken owl statuette and vase 

For those still devastated about not getting a letter to Hogwarts – console yourself with a broken owl statue that kinda, sorta looks like Hedwig and an ant with a plant.

4 More owls

People who are scared of owls are called ochlophobics, so here is a collection perfect for ochlotragicums.

5 A box of springs 

Do you need something to give you a bit of bounce in the morning? Forget the cup of coffee, here’s a box of springs.

6 A broken VB scoreboard 

It can’t keep score anymore, but that doesn’t diminish the charm of this Very Best branded scoreboard.

7 Impulse body spray 

Smell like the 90s with this collection of Impulse body spray – even better, take it into the office and give your workmates migraines.

8 Multiple lots of foreign currency 

You…… might be getting a bargain. We don’t know it’s Friday afternoon and we can’t be bothered checking the exchange rate.

9 Swan Pendant 

You can now wear your love for WA and colonialism around your neck. This necklace commemorates the 150th anniversary of the Swan River colony.

10 A briefcase of bike parts

Look like a busy professional executive by walking around with this briefcase, no one will ever know it’s full of bike parts!

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