Street Doctor shelter options to be investigated by Town of Bassendean

Ashfield Reserve soccer fields. Picture: David Baylis
Ashfield Reserve soccer fields. Picture: David Baylis

THE Town of Bassendean will investigate improved shelter options for a street doctor service at Ashfield Reserve.

At the December 18 council meeting, Bassendean Council unanimously supported Councillor Sarah Quinton’s motion asking chief executive Peta Mabbs to request staff to consult with doctors and outreach doctors from the Guildford-based 360 Health and Community for shelter options.

Officers will prepare a report to the council in the 2018-19 budget mid-year review.

The Street Doctor service currently operates at the reserve on Fridays from 9.30am to 3pm and at other locations across Perth’s CBD and Midland.

It provides free medical appointments to homeless, disadvantaged and marginalised people in Perth.

In a report to council, Cr Quinton said the service could see up to 30 people per session.

“During the winter, people who visit the service often sit in the cold wind under the shelter of the Ashfield Reserve toilets, which includes elderly and sick people,” she said.

“Given the Town’s commitment to the service and the benefits it provides to Bassendean community members, providing a roller door, café blinds or some other permanent option where the service can store tables and chairs to ensure people who are waiting to see the doctor are comfortable, and out of the cold wind and rain, would fit into the remit of the Town’s responsibilities.”

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