Town of Bassendean Visual Art Awards won by embroidery piece

Enid Twiglet. Picture: Town of Bassendean/Facebook
Enid Twiglet. Picture: Town of Bassendean/Facebook

AN EMBROIDERY artist claimed the open award at the Town of Bassendean’s Visual Art Awards last month.

Enid Twiglet entered a hand-made vintage pillowcase highlighted with a rat design.

Twiglet, a Curtin University student, said it was a “complete surprise” to win the award.

“It is so great to see hand embroidery being recognized and appreciated in the creative community,” she said.

Ms Twiglet said she wanted to create a playful and imaginative piece of art.

“All of my hand embroideries are created from my own drawings but this piece is particularly special as I completely free hand stitched the rat; I did not draw it out before hand,” she said.

“The juxtaposition of the size of the cat in relation the rat is a play on traditional conceptions of predator and prey.

“The piece also is about how we relate to objects in our homes, a cushion provides comfort and decoration but by adding the rat it makes it a commentary about disease, cleanliness and what we typically consider as beautiful.”

She said her passion for art came from the urge to create with her hands.

“Working with tactile materials provides me with a connection to my work that I find very rewarding,” she said.

“I am self-taught in hand embroidery, and I strive to push my skills and creative ideas in every piece that I make.”

She said she was in the early stages of her next projects.

“I am currently working on some white work (embroidering with white thread on black material) which will be the start of a collection exploring the theme of human and animal mortality, it is in its early stages,” she said.

“I am working with some beautiful vintage thread which is adding another element to the work.”