Town stays out of calls for review

As the campaign gains traction with City of Stirling now looking at its options, Town of Bassendean Mayor John Gangell said it would not be joining.

“Not at this stage. We have been fortunate in that we have had a good relationship with the process. We have had recommendations adhered to (by DAP),” he said.

He said he empathised with those calling for the review.

“Honestly, I can understand the communities that are unhappy,” he said.

Under the process, local councils or residents cannot appeal a DAP decision.

The City of Bayswater launched the campaign in February, with the Town of Vincent offering its support later.

At a February meeting, the City of Bayswater resolved to write to Planning Minister John Day and Attorney-General Michael Mischin with its DAP concerns and request a review.

A motion put forward by Stirling councillor Elizabeth Re at its meeting last week to join forces was postponed.

“We’ve got unelected people speaking of behalf of elected people and they have nothing to do with the neighbourhood,” Cr Re said.

“They can walk away; they do not get the complaints, our staff are the ones getting the complaints.”

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