Town of Bassendean’s long-serving councillor farewelled

Outgoing Town of Bassendean councillor Anne Brinkworth.
Outgoing Town of Bassendean councillor Anne Brinkworth.

THE Town of Bassendean’s longest serving councillor Anne Brinkworth received a heartfelt send-off as she attended her last council meeting after 26 years last week.

Mayor John Gangell made a speech about Councillor Brinkworth’s time serving on the council before presenting her with flowers.

Cr Brinkworth was first elected to the council in 1988, but claims she was “thrown off” the council in 1994 by environmental groups who campaigned against her.

She made her comeback in 1995.

“Cr Brinkworth has served with 46 different councillors, nine different mayors and seven different CEOs,” Cr Gangell said. He recalled when her late husband Allan came to a council meeting with flowers for their 50th wedding anniversary.

“I miss my husband very much, he was my biggest supporter,” Cr Brinkworth said.

Cr Brinkworth said she had enjoyed her time on the council.

“It has been a journey well and truly; I have made friends and enemies,” she said.

Cr Brinkworth, who has been against apartment developments in certain areas of Bassendean, this year said she would rather go to jail than vote for another development.

She said at her last meeting she was still prepared to go to jail over developments in Bassendean.