Trio give championships the chop

The trio started taekwondo at Platinum Taekwon-Do in Bedford this year and took home 11 medals between them with Logan winning a gold and silver, Jayden three silvers and Tyler three bronze.

As a group, the boys also won gold for their team pattern event where they competed together as ‘The Big Three’.

The eight-year-old Maylands Peninsula Primary School students said their favourite event was the flying kick category where they had to jump over a rope that was gradually moving higher while kicking at targets.

‘I like flying high kicks because I am amazed that I can kick so high,’ Logan said.

‘I like flying side kicks, it is quite hard and you have to bring both legs up,’ Tyler said.

Jayden said he enjoyed taekwondo because he learnt how to be discipline to become strong and fit.

Instructor Michael Hayward said he was proud of the boys, especially for their team pattern.

‘It demonstrated both their excellent techniques and also the time that went into practising together,’ he said.

‘Next up for the boys is an intra club competition called the Platinum Taekwon-Do Open, a chance to hone their skills for future state and even national competitions.’

The brothers were three of 27 competitors from Platinum Taekwon-Do with the club taking out a number of titles including Champion Club, Champion Junior Boy and Champion Senior Girl.