Unit designer wins the day

The proposed eight multiple dwellings at 63 Third Avenue � another in a line of proposed developments that have been met with resistance from councillors and residents � went to the vote at the April 28 Town of Bassendean council meeting.

Applicant Aaron Sice gave a deposition to sway councillors on his design for the property owned by Bellini Enterprises before they cast their vote.

�I don�t design developments that I would not live in or would not want to live next-door to,� he said.

�I understand the need for multiple dwellings on a state level, but it needs to be appropriate and balanced. A blanket ban (on multi dwellings) is never a good idea; it does not bode well for diversity.

�I have come here with my tail between my legs hoping there are no rotten tomatoes for me in the gallery.�

Councillor Jennie Carter raised her concerns about the development�s effect on the environment.

�We have every right to be upset; we are losing our trees, it is frustrating,� she said.

Her comment won applause from members of the gallery.

Mr Sice said he was sympathetic to her concerns.

�I do understand the frustration; I come from an area where homes were bowled over,� he said.

�I try to make a difference with everything I design.�

Councillor Gerry Pule said he feared the quality of life in Bassendean would be compromised if the development went ahead.

The application was passed by a majority vote.

Mayor John Gangell said it would cost about $15,000 if the council rejected the plans and the State Administrative Tribunal challenged the decision.

Mr Sice said there was a two-year window to complete the development.