Unwelcome snake found on Bennett Springs property

The tiger snake Lisa Martin found at her Bennett Springs home.
The tiger snake Lisa Martin found at her Bennett Springs home.

A BENNETT Springs resident is warning locals to be aware of snakes in the area after finding a tiger snake on her property last month.

Lisa Martin said her children found the brown, stripy 40-50cm snake in their garage on the morning of November 4.

“I was getting ready to leave the house to take my kids to school when they yelled out that there was a snake,” she said.

“I thought they were joking but came to the door leading out to our garage and saw it along the bricks in front of the door.”

Mrs Martin said she had lived in the house for a decade and never had a snake come on the property that she was aware of.

“I have young children and was very concerned that they could get bitten, plus was concerned whether that meant there may be more around or more coming,” she said.

“My neighbour and his sons thankfully came to help, coaxing the snake into a bucket with a stick and then somehow managed to get it into a pillowcase, which they tied up and it stayed in the bucket.

“I then asked for help on the Beechboro neighbourhood watch Facebook page and got in contact with Ellenbrook Reptile Locators who were over super fast, who confirmed it was a tiger snake. They checked to see if any others were around and took it away.”