Variety adds hope to young artist’s life

The 16-year-old Westminster resident has a joint disorder and physical disabilities that stopped her from talking when she was four years old.

After winning a Royal Show art competition last year, Sarah was awarded a Variety Scholarship to develop her skills and help her fulfil her dream of becoming a professional artist and photographer.

Mother Karin Leggit said Sarah had been drawing since she could walk and discovered photography about six years ago.

�I could see that she loved drawing from a young age and she was always above average in her age group with art,� she said.

�It�s a means of expression. It�s wonderful, it�s a real release for her and it also takes her mind off all of her problems.

�I have found that, especially with photography, it�s been a way of being an external focus for her rather than focussing on her problems. It�s a way of her finding beauty around her.�

Being a single mother on a carer�s pension, Ms Leggit said the scholarship made it possible for Sarah to get a new camera and more art supplies that would help her achieve her dream of pursuing art and photography as a career.

�There�s no way I would have been able to afford the camera, for example, or the canvas and the art equipment so it�s great,� she said.

�One of the things I noticed is that she is actually thinking about her future, which is great.�