WA Budget: state to continue as biggest spender on education with announcement of $4.84b package

WA continues to top the nation in education spending, with $4.84 billion allocated for public school education in today’s State Budget.

That figure is an increase of $81 million on the previous year, and means WA still spends more money per student than any other state.

“This has ensured WA public schools remain among the best-resourced in the nation,” Education Minister Peter Collier said.

“Based on projected enrolments, the state government will spend an average of $16,784 per full-time student in 2016-17.”

It was also announced that $1 billion over the forward estimates would be used to improve school infrastructure.

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That includes the creation of the new North Butler Senior High School ($67 million) as well as expansions at Shenton College ($50 million) and Cape Naturaliste College ($32 million).

Treasurer Mike Nahan said the funding had been allocated to accommodate an expected enrolment growth of 13 per cent by 2021.

“As well as providing the very latest in learning environments, the government is continuing to invest in technology, pastoral care, early childhood and school reform,” Dr Nahan said.

“In 2017 and 2018, the state government will spend a further $10.48 million to provide access to school chaplains for every student.”

Since 2009, $2.8 billion has been spent on 32 new primary schools, nine new secondary schools and 15 replacement schools around WA.