WA mobile phone demerit points increase considered for motorists

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WA is considering following New South Wales in adopting a five-demerit point penalty for motorists caught using their mobile phones while driving.

The penalty, which comes into effect in NSW in September, increases from three demerits and comes as the Road Safety Commission undertakes a wide-ranging review of penalties for a range of driving offences, a WA newspaper reported today.

“The NSW demerit point penalty increase is worthy of consideration,” Road Safety Minister Michelle Roberts said.

“We need to work out what’s really going to change people’s behaviour, so I’m keen to ensure any change to penalties is based on sound advice from the Road Safety Commission.

“The Road Safety Commission is currently reviewing the penalty for mobile phone use while driving, as part of a wider review of penalties for a range of other driving offences.

“I also want the RSC to advise whether there are some circumstances where drivers using their mobile phones should be treated in the same category as dangerous driving.”

Currently, motorists receive a $400 fine and three demerit points if caught using or touching their mobile phone while driving.