Walderton Avenue speed of concern

Mr Giamov said the City had investigated traffic conditions on Walderton Avenue, with results leading to the development of traffic calming measures on the road.

He said traffic count surveys showed 85 per cent of cars recorded travelled at or below 64km/h and four in every five cars exceeded the 50km/h speed limit.

Survey results also showed one in every three cars travelled more than 10km/h above the speed limit.

Mr Giamov said these figures demonstrated that speeding along Walderton Avenue was a significant issue of concern.

�The City has funds listed on the 2015/16 Annual Budget to implement a traffic management scheme for Walderton Avenue,� he said.

�The works will include the installation of various traffic calming treatments, such as chicanes and modified T intersections, to assist in reducing the travel speed of vehicles along this road.�

Mr Giamov said the City had proposed future traffic calming measures for Dallington Crescent, off Walderton Avenue as well.

He said in addition to physical treatments, the City deployed a Speed Alert Mobile (SAM) trailer that measured the speed of each car and immediately displayed the information to the driver.

�Devices of this type have proven to be effective in slowing motorists by increasing driver awareness of their speed,� Mr Giamov said.