Premier Barnett’s thoughts on Bennett Brook disability justice centre

PREMIER Colin Barnett described the disability justice centre in Parliament last month as a prison environment.

Mr Barnett said Bennett Brook was innovative and that he was confident the local community, who had protested the site of the facility, would accept it in coming months.

“It is a prison environment, but when a person goes inside, they soon lose sight of those features,” he said.

“It has a small number of dwellings, basically rooms with an ensuite. It can accommodate just 10 people at any one time, but there will be a constant flow through of people.”

Mr Barnett said he understood the centre had been contentious and acknowledged the right of local people to voice their objections.

“But if people go to Bennett Brook and look at the centre, they will see that it is not in the community but is adjacent to a suburban area and set back into bushland,” he said.

“I am absolutely confident that after perhaps two or three months of operation, the community will accept it. I have absolutely no doubt.”