Win for Morley’s best Christmas lights with City allowing radio mast

Win for Morley’s best Christmas lights with City allowing radio mast

A RADIO mast was approved for a residence that houses Morley’s best Christmas lights.

City of Bayswater council last month went against a City officer’s recommendation to retrospectively approve 20.1m high equipment on Marriot Way.

The mast has stood at the house for five years, but owner John Roe was forced to submit a planning approval following a former neighbour’s complaint.

Council deferred the decision at a previous meeting after Mr Roe questioned the validity of an objection petition received, as none of the signatories lived in the immediate area.

A petition in support was also delivered, signed by nearly 20 nearby residents, which stated there was no visual impact to the streetscape.

A City officer had recommended the council refuse the retrospective application as the development did not comply with the town planning scheme and had an “undue impact on the amenity”.

It also said a number of unauthorised freestanding support columns, two light towers and a flagpole were not included in the current application, which was an ongoing compliancy issue.

However, Councillor John Rifici put forward a successful motion in support of the resident.

He said the equipment been there for a number of years and had not caused any issues.

Cr Sally Palmer said there was nothing in the City’s policy against the application and the neighbours had not complained.

The Marriot Way house has displayed Christmas lights for more than 20 years.

About 7500 people visited the lights display last year, which featured about 120,000 lights.