Snakes a greater priority at Lightening Park. Opinion

IT was reported in last week’s edition that Lightening Park’s sustainability centre was estimated to cost up to $4 million.

Have people completely lost their minds? This is outrageous in our present financial climate.

What is needed here is a fraction of that money going towards putting up a vermin-proof fence right around the Lightening Swamp to keep in the deadly snakes.

They are slithering out of the swamp area, into nearby homes and have already killed numerous cats and dogs.

My dog was lucky earlier this year because I got him to the vet just in time. Will it take the death of a child before anything is done about this big but seldom unspoken of problem?

Most residents I know around here will not venture in the swamplands for fear of being bitten and they fear of what might slither up their driveway unnoticed.

I have even seen snakes on the two large ovals and in the nearby children’s play area. I fear unless something is done fast there is a tragedy waiting to happen.

This is where the money should be spent, not wasted on a sustainability centre that is not needed.