Blackout spoilt food

On behalf of my elderly in-laws I regularly checked the Western Power updates. The problem was that because of WP estimating what time power was due back on it meant we all thought it would be all right to leave the food in the fridge/freezer and not open the doors.

Unfortunately, they had overseas visitors staying with them and thus there were two very full fridges that, owing to the bad timing, ended up with almost all of it being thrown out.

If Western Power had said that Eden Hill was going to be left until last, 11am on Sunday morning, then at least on Saturday my in-laws could have arranged to bring their food to family members’ houses instead of being given false hope with each new update.

We understand that maintenance schedules don’t always go to plan but it seems as though there was no plan and no schedule otherwise how can Eden Hill’s maintenance be constantly altered?

How can the guesses change seven times’