Bricks in school smashed in act of senseless vandalism

Bricks in school smashed in act of senseless vandalism

WHAT utter senseless vandalism I saw (and reported) on Sunday, June 12, when I had my dog down at the oval behind South Ballajura Primary School.

In between the basketball courts and the playground area (the bit with the swings and climbing stuff on the white sand) there are brick pavers laid.

Well, one end had a whole pile pulled out and smashed and some had been smashed inside on the basketball court area.

What is the matter with the idiots who do this sort of thing?

There is absolutely no call for it. If ever anyone was caught in the process of doing this vandalism they should be not only made to repair the damage they did, but also have to pay for all the materials needed in doing the repair.

Then they should be made to go around the suburb in which they did the damage and clean-up the streets and repair or clean-up any other damage done by vandals.

It is about time we had closed circuit television put in down at the Karijini Oval pavilion, the basketball courts, the playground with money from both the Education Department and the City of Swan.

It would be money well spent so that these miscreants were caught and punished.