Buses aplenty

I READ in a previous edition that the City of Stirling is going to redevelop Dianella Centre around where Centro Dianella shopping centre is.

However, a statement in this article I find puzzling; the City said the light-rail proposal will make the suburb more appealing but I do not follow its reasoning.

How can something that is going to duplicate existing services be more appealing? Unless the State Government plans to get rid of eight bus routes then there is no sense to that statement.

Bus routes 16, 67, 68, circle route 98 and 99, the 17, 20, 886, 887, 888 and 889 all now go past or around the Dianella shopping centre.

The 67, the 20, the circle route 98 and 99 and the 16 have part of their route on Grand Promenade; the 68 goes up The Strand and at times deviates to the back of the shopping centre and the 88 buses all go along Alexander Drive.

I rest my case.

Margaret Ryan, Ballajura