Case for trees

BAYSWATER councillor Michelle Sutherland thinks it is “crazy… not to underground power” (Eastern Reporter, August 18).

As a tree lover (Bayswater Urban Tree Network member), I think undergrounding electric wires is great if it facilitates more tree planting and more shade in the shade-deficient City of Bayswater.

However, with some councillors who are tree haters it would seem undergrounding would be a complete waste of money, time and infrastructure.

Furthermore, the development of small-scale power generation and storage creates the opportunity for “grid dropping”; therefore, power lines may become redundant.

If my prediction is true (and a household could “grid drop” in 2015 for less than $10,000) then it would be crazy to spend around the same amount of money on underground power.

If the City was really interested in the philosophy of the �garden city� quality lifestyle, then it would be facilitating the bulk purchase of power-generating and storage infrastructure, not wasting money on undergrounding future redundant electricity wires.

GREG SMITH, Bayswater.