Community consulted

THE negative comments from the anonymous author of the letter in last week�s edition headlined �Voting choices� do not reflect the view of many in Stirling who campaigned for years to change the four verge collections each year.

That over time allowed those who wanted to dump their rubbish on the verge at any time and resulted in rubbish everywhere, in all suburbs, and helped to create a slum-like environment,

Writing as the former president of the Balga Action Group, we campaigned relentlessly over some 10 years against the excessive verge rubbish program.

We wrote to the City and met our ward councillors and our campaign articles were published as we fought to stop the mindset of certain people who believed they could dump rubbish when ever and where ever they wanted.

Finally, we in partnership with the City of Stirling introduced a Verge Cleanup Notice where we served said notice on residents who contravened the verge collection timetable, and where they were given seven days notice to remove the rubbish.

Therefore, to say that the City acted unilaterally on this subject is untrue. We campaigned to stop indiscriminate verge dumping, to reduce the number of verge collections to two a year and we discussed the proposed multi-bin and skip program with our Balga Ward councillors when first considered by the City.

We also wrote in support of such change. Therefore, to say that this program was introduced without prior community consultation sounds to me like sour grapes.