Council has bigger issues than Rolf

Regardless of what I think about the court case and the man, I thought in our society a person is innocent until proved guilty.

But if the council has taken the action to remove the portrait of Harris, then it should also remove his art works at the same time. Perth Modern School has done the right thing; it is not taking action until the outcome of the court case has been declared.

The council could have acted quickly to remind those residents who complained about the portrait still hanging in the chamber, that the man is innocent until proved guilty; a right they themselves would expect.

The council has more important things to think about.

For example, what is happening with council amalgamations and if such immediate action were taken on the derelict Eden Hill shopping site as was with the removal of the portrait, one could no longer complain about the council’s lack of action in making a clear decision on the fate of this derelict site.

In addition, why is graffiti left and not removed from council buildings even though council workers see if every day?

These are but a few of the things I want my council to be acting on; the law will take care of the other problem.