Councillor making up her own rules

“OF course it’s going to be owned and then rented out, that’s what they are all doing these days.

‘We have been caught in this position before and I just have a problem with that because there is no way you can promise that it will be owner-occupied.

‘You need money to build it so it’s obvious.”

So was quoted Councillor Anne Brinkworth in last week’s Eastern Reporter article headlined ‘City rejects developments’ and ‘Residents sway councillors’,

Cr Brinkworth definitely has a problem or problems, especially as she is a Bassendean councillor making her own rules.

There are no laws to say if you build or buy a dwelling that you have to live in it yourself.

You are allowed to rent it to others.

As far as I know, the terms for the first-home buyers grant regulations is the only limitation, and then it is only for the first year.

Cr Brinkworth has been elected and paid by the people of Bassendean to listen and to look out for them.

Introducing her ‘own rules’ is an abuse of that privilege.

I wish Lance Hardy all the very best and hope that the State Administrative Tribunal addresses this councillor’s statements.