Criticism easy

What happened to love thy neighbour and exercising tolerance?

Just what do you expect your neighbours to do about their dog barking when they are away from home?

It seems to me that it is very easy for anyone to dish out criticism but without offering a practical solution, the path to solving a problem will be a long one.

We live in a society where pets are accepted. Dogs are not the only nuisance.

Barking is part of normal dog behaviour. They don’t generally bark constantly for no reason.

I wonder whether you will be reporting screaming children next for disturbing your peace and quiet, or the infuriatingly repetitive ice-cream truck tune.

What exactly do you expect the council to do anyway?

Not many of us have the luxury of being able to work from home. Perhaps your dog does not bark as much because you are home all day.

How do you know it is not barking when you go out?

Perhaps because your neighbours haven’t complained about you.

Moreover, if when you complained to your neighbours you did not like their reaction, it leads me to question what your approach was.

Perhaps you should have offered to give them some advice or help train their dog not to bark, the way you have apparently trained yours.

I wouldn’t sign off without offering you a few more suggestions, so here they are: get an office, move house and change your way of thinking and learn to accept those around you.