Debate joined

THERE were two articles in last week’s Eastern Reporter about the spaces allocated to the different areas of Riverside Gardens for dogs and pedestrians.

Both have some merit, but I would throw my penny’s worth in the debate by disputing South Guildford mother Rebecca Cain’s statement that the dog area is only a small bit of the parkland.

The times I have been down there it looks like a very large area to me and her quote is completely unjustified.

I think the bike paths are pretty fair, but if a child is on a bike like Mrs Nara-Beth Bonfiglio’s child is, I think the mother should be allowed to accompany her.

There could be more patrolling of the gardens by the rangers because at the last Avon Descent I told a bike rider he was on a pedestrian path and got a real mouthful from him.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the ranger to report him.

On the whole, I think the council got it right.

SYD SMITH, Bayswater