Deeper issues

I APPRECIATE what the author of the ‘Balm for sore’ letter is trying to convey, but it goes much deeper than that.

Discussions on agenda issues should be out in the open. What we have now is councillors discussing and making decisions on agenda items at the briefings (duration one hour) and then going through the process of ratifying those decisions at the ordinary council meeting that night.

The lack of real debate makes this farcical (as evidenced by the fact some meetings last less than an hour).

Council meetings are open to the public (the constituents) and they have a right to witness a full and accountable council meeting, barring confidential issues.

This brings me to another sore point: attachments to the agenda of the day. They are now only available for a very short time on the web and removed practically immediately afterwards because, I am told, there is not enough web-space to store the attachments.

At the ordinary council meeting, there is just one copy with the words ‘Public copy. Do not remove from council chamber’ on it.

This is bizarre because it is a public document.

It is all of this and what the letter writer expresses that is causing the discontent, inclusive of council’s complete disregard for the people’s opposition to the relocation of Bassendean War Memorial.

However, council is now pushing ahead with that.

Having the summer movies just metres away shows a great lack of sensitivity. A war memorial site deserves serenity and the council’s respect.

I urge council to rethink the venue for the movies.