Distressing scenario

I ATTENDED the community forum on April 27 when LandCorp publicly unveiled some options for the development of public open space on and around the football oval and other green open spaces in Bassendean.

These proposals have ignored previous consultation forums where there was strong opposition from the residents to the irreversible development of green public open space.

Each proposal that LandCorp has offered is centred on building apartment blocks up to eight storeys on public green open space, in some cases on land that has been gifted to residents for parkland by previous generations.

These proposals are in direct conflict with the spirit of the council’s own green policy. It seems this policy consists of micro managing fences and boundaries while it swallows eight-storey apartment blocks on public green parkland.

This is incongruous and oblivious to the concerns of residents. One questions the motivation behind this development, which has no consideration for environmental issues and displays no concern for future generations.

There are better options available and I question why the planning authority and other government departments that hold land have not provided direction and leadership in this case.

For example, existing developed land options around Bassendean railway station and other areas have been passed over in favour of the Swan Districts option, which is comparatively cheap and accessible.

The unimaginative proposals offered by LandCorp are centred on land gifts and profit for the club that has been beneficiary of rate monies for decades.

Surely, the AFL and WAFL have a responsibility to finance the football and not the residents of Bassendean.

The club shows its appreciation for residential monies by demanding this development, which delivers eight-storey apartment blocks with all the associated parking and traffic management problems in an area that is already congested.

The distressing scenario continues to progress despite the community’s opposition, while dignitaries either promote the carnage or stand by and wash their hands as the heart and soul is ripped out of Bassendean. Public open spaces are sacrificed on the altar of cheap progress.

Terminating the development agreement with a community response of “no development please” would be a just outcome.