Don’t move war memorial

YOUR editorial (‘Need for cameras sad’, Eastern Reporter, May 6) on the theft of floral tributes from the Bassendean war memorial, and comment that it is akin to stealing from a war grave, is shared by all who feel strongly about our memorial and what it represents.

How sad that overseas war graves and memorials are respected, yet here we have people who do not appreciate that the freedom we have demanded a price and that the floral tributes represent our thanks for that sacrifice.

This brings me to the question of relocating the Bassendean War Memorial.

This issue has stirred the emotions of many, as evidenced by Mrs Dryer’s petition with 521 signatures, public meetings and a special electors’ meeting ” in all, more than 700 residents have strongly voiced their opposition to the relocation, for these reasons:

– It was moved in the 1970s to make way for the library; hence the name Bassendean Memorial Library;

– It is owned by the people who raised the funds to construct this fitting tribute;

– There is a strong sentiment that moving it again is akin to desecration; it belongs in the town centre;

– There is a plan to upgrade the current site to provide better access for the disabled and the cost is considerably less than the $500,000 the move would cost; and

– As for vandalism, down out in the open, it will be a prime target.

For six councillors and a few RSL members to ignore the 700 is perplexing, and for Mayor Gangell to dismiss the resistance is again a measure of his disregards for the constituents.


Eden Hill