Reader concerned over people parking illegally parking in disabled bays without an ACROD sticker

RECENTLY a private car without an ACROD sticker was parked for quite some time in a disabled parking bay at a big shopping centre.

I took the vehicle’s details and contacted the local council and the ranger, as well as the centre’s management.

Both parties did little to assist in this matter, possibly because the shopping centre is on private property.

The following day I again contacted the centre’s management, only to learn nothing had been done to address this problem.

What is the purpose of displaying signage at disabled parking bays warning of a possible $1000 fine if nobody is prepared to enforce the infringement?

Perhaps there should be a review to implement a swifter response to these incidents.

Surely our priorities are to ensure that disabled people are not further disadvantaged by bureaucratic red tape and these selfish people who think it is all right to park wherever they so please.

Name and address supplied