Evidence plain to see

REGARDING the Streetwatch comment in the May 27 issue, I just want to welcome Police Transport Unit Senior Sergeant Rob Lewis to the planet Earth in search of the easy arrest that provides the statistics to justify the fat pay packet.

If he is serious about wiping out graffiti, then he should start making arrests firstly among his own colleagues who over-utilise spray cans willy-nilly to disfigure roads where accidents occur, instead of using a yellow crayon that generally disappears after a few months.

Then we have the vandals from the City of Stirling who think nothing of using similar spray cans to permanently mark concrete and brick-paved footpaths, private fences and anything else, not to mention employees from other utilities.

To top it all off, schools, with the blessing of the local authority, then paint blue footprints and other graffiti on the footpaths.

I suggest you decamp from your warm, comfy office chair and get out of the paddy wagon and do a bit of walking, Rob.

If you still can’t see the wood for the trees, come by and I will provide you with a free escorted tour.