Fears for river

Sadly, I can’t say the same for the bumbling bureaucrats responsible for terrible degradation of the Swan River foreshore further downstream at Ashfield and Maylands.

The areas of the west bank of the river along Ashfield Parade and Maylands between Wall Street jetty and Tranby House, which is a tourist attraction, are in a deplorable condition and trees with roots exposed are falling into the river.

The area east of the high wooden fence near the river and in front of the Tranby on Swan apartments is also in a very bad state of neglect, being overgrown with weeds and bushes that harbour rats and the snakes that eat them.

The swampy ground across the river at Maylands is a breeding ground for mosquitoes that carry the Ross River virus.

Action needs to be taken quickly to eradicate these problems, which are a health hazard.

Perhaps the Premier should stop spending millions of taxpayers’ money on the Elizabeth Quay monstrosity and a new football stadium and instead spend the money on keeping the Swan River alive for future generations to enjoy.