Fight goes on

UNITED we stand against a council that is not governing for the people but is arrogant in the belief that it can dictate to the people what will be done.

A war memorial is not a pawn in a chess game to be shifted whenever it suits the council.

There has been strong opposition to the relocation of Bassendean War Memorial since 2011, when Val Dryer delivered a petition with 521 signatures, and the strong campaign that has taken place at other dates since then, including a special electors’ meeting.

The people own the memorial. They raised the funds to have a memorial honouring those who paid the supreme sacrifice for a freedom that gives us the right to speak out.

With the exception of Councillor Bridges, none of the councillors appreciate the great disservice they are doing to the memory of those who are recorded on the memorial.

We may lose this fight, but the council is on notice we will continue to speak out, write to newspapers and demonstrate against this most callous project.

Tina Klein, Eden Hill