Mayor candidate had fine credentials. Opinion

GERRY Coleman’s letter headlined “Process bizarre” in last week’s edition demands a response.

I can agree with him on the poor turnout throughout the elections; it is difficult to understand why people do not seek to have their say at local government elections.

It is the closest to the people and councillors are but a phone call away.

The point I wish to make is about the comments made by Mr Coleman about a newly elected councillor nominating for Bassendean mayor and we know he is talking about Cr Bob Brown.

All I can say is this councillor would have done an excellent job. If you care to read his profile on Linkedin you see he has all the credentials needed to make an excellent mayor with an intellect that would have assisted him to understand council processes, protocols and planning at the shortest possible time.

Dealing with the community, ratepayers or media would not be a problem either.

And lastly, how does his nominating for mayor differ from one elected by the people who has no experience in local government

TINA KLEIN, Eden Hill.