Fly both flags

LOCAL councillors who represent the ratepayers have a duty to be respectful to the community at all times.

Councillor and past mayor Paul Bridges has proposed to fly the rainbow flag outside the council chambers in support of marriage equality, which in my opinion is commendable.

But for this to happen Cr Bridges has suggested removing the Torres Straits Island flag as he “reckons there are more gays and lesbians in the Town” than islanders.

Unfortunately, this councillor has upset people and council protocol in the past.

Two years ago as a protest to his fellow councillors, he attended a council monthly meeting dressed in a full World War I army uniform.

As a member of the Australian Defence Force at the time, I was deeply offended and disgusted with his behaviour.

Let us hope common sense prevails and if the rainbow flag proposal is approved, another flag pole is purposely erected for it to be flown.