Gay flag proposal disrespectful

COUNCIL is about unifying not dividing.

As representatives of our community, councillors need to ensure that our actions are in the best interest of unification and inclusiveness regardless of race, religion, gender or sexuality.

The proposal presented by Cr Paul Bridges in last week�s report headlined �Flying flag for equality�, while well meaning, does not achieve these outcomes of unification and inclusiveness by spontaneously espousing a position that has had no community consultation nor allows for any and does not respect differing points of view.

It is disappointing that Cr Bridges chose to speak freely of my and other staff members� sexuality, with no consultation or permission for my personal details to be divulged.

While I have always been honest in relation to my sexuality, I do not wish it to be a springboard for division in our community.

There are Australian flag-flying protocols that should be respected and to suggest one flag should be removed for another is disrespectful.

Out of respect to the entire community, the notice of motion as proposed by Cr Bridges should be withdrawn.


Mayor, Town of Bassendean.