Giant eyesore

I NOTICED the recent Eastern Reporter article about the giant billboard that will be built on the corner of Marion Street and Walter Road East in Eden Hill.

I attended the last council meeting for 2013 where councillors approved the construction of this six-metre high billboard, even though the council staff had recommended that this should not go ahead.

Apart from being an offensive eyesore, this giant billboard might quickly become a dangerous hazard being so close to the set of traffic lights at Walter Road and Ivanhoe Street.

Drivers might be more interested in the billboard rather than what’s happening at the traffic lights.

As Eden Hill Primary School is right behind this monstrosity, may I remind councillors that this is a residential area and a school precinct, not an advertising zone?

An effective and united council could surely work with the owners of the land to clean up this site and come up with a more constructive use for this land; something more suited to a residential area and a school precinct.

Angelika Piantadosi,

Eden Hill