Greed sets pace at Erin Singleton Reserve development

Greed sets pace at Erin Singleton Reserve development

I WAS disgusted to read about the development right on the edge of the Eric Singleton Bird Sanctuary and the destruction of the habitat that has already taken place.

It is a perfect indication of how greed has taken priority over the environment.

My late mother, who used to do a lot of volunteer work at the sanctuary, would be horrified that this has been allowed to happen.

How in the heck did the council not know about it and how was approval given if not by the council?

In respect of footpaths not being looked at, what else is new?

When my late husband and I lived in The Strand in the City of Bayswater for 17 years, I do not think I ever saw any work done on the footpaths in the area.

Until somebody is hurt, facilities for pedestrians seem to take a back seat and it seems the situation has not changed since we left the area 22 years ago.