Green space at risk

WHILE I am pleased the Eastern Reporter is providing good reporting on the proposed development plan being put forward by the Town of Bassendean and LandCorp, it appears far too many ratepayers are not in favour of this proposed development of the BIC Reserve, some sections of the Swan Districts football oval and the Wilson Street car park,

This proposed grand plan is to make Bassendean just another Subiaco, which has lost its sense of community with high-rise apartments and the closing of the railway markets.

The main concern for our community is the loss of green open space. Once lost, it is hard to regain any green open space. Ratepayers now have every right to fight for and maintain whatever green open space we have in the town.

Future generations will thank the community for having the courage to say no to this proposal.

I urge Bassendean council to withdraw from this badly conceived proposal with LandCorp as it does not have the right to sell our open green space for apartments when Bassendean needs another 3 per cent of such space to meet the required 10 per cent set down by the planning authorities.

I ask that the proposal stops now, before any serious mistakes are made for the community living in Bassendean that we will regret later.

CAROL SEIDEL, Bassendean.