Healthy change

In fact, research shows that depression in the workplace costs Australia more than $12 billion every year.

However, change has come with the launch of the Mentally Healthy Workplace Alliance.

It is the first time Australian mental health organisations, business and government have committed together to make workplaces mental health friendly.

As chief executive of beyondblue, I am proud to partner with organisations such as the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Safe Work Australia to provide businesses with practical mental health advice and help to create change.

The Alliance is inviting all businesses to share their experiences in promoting mental wellbeing at www.workplace until July 28.

Responses will be used to create practical resources for businesses and for a report into the return of investment on creating mentally healthy workplaces.

With evidence consistently showing mentally healthy workers are the most productive, any opportunity to create better workplaces, including the launch of the Alliance, is a win/win for employers and employees alike.