Housing disgrace

Half the waiting list for public housing is made up of singles, seniors and pensioners.

In the four years of the Barnett Government, the wait list for single accommodation has nearly doubled.

When these figures and the question of public housing is put to Barnett, he refers to the Affordable Housing Scheme.

It is a furphy. People in this demographic cannot afford to buy a house.

Anglicare and most of the welfare agencies have been reporting the crisis in single accommodation for the past 12 months, yet the only party to have a policy in the last election was the Greens.

With so much money being spent on entertainment venues, surely our pensioners and seniors deserve priority listing and security in their later years.

Some are living out of vehicles, others are couch-surfing.

It is a disgrace that this is happening.

The lack of a positive policy to manage this sector will have grave social ramifications and more and more stress as the costs of water, power and gas continue to rise.