Issue important

I AGREE with Councillor Gerry Pule when he said council officers should investigate improving pedestrian crossing on Old Perth Road in Bassendean (Drawing a line over safety, Reporter, July 7).

With a huge amount of new businesses within the shopping centre and on Old Perth Road, the foot traffic has increased dramatically.

It is extremely disappointing that Main Roads did not see fit to install a standard zebra crossing.

As it is, if pedestrians want to cross the road they do not have right of way and if council �paints white lines on the road� pedestrians still do not have right of way.

Therefore, it might give pedestrians a false sense of safety.

Outside our library, council chambers and two primary schools we have council-painted lines on the road that are somewhat confusing to the motorist as to who has right of way.

Perhaps erect some signs alerting the motorists to please slow down and be aware of pedestrians crossing up ahead.

Whatever is decided, this is an important issue.

GERRY COLEMAN, Bassendean.