Bassendean Council Issues are Real

IT is the beauty of this forum that Mr Frank Rizzo’s is given the right in the Eastern Reporter last week to complain about frequent letters on councillors and former councillors.

I assure him that the issue about Bassendean council are real and factual.

To use the Eastern Reporter in letters to the editor is a privilege that I am sure the editor will not let anyone abuse.

Not all of my letters are printed. However, as a former councillor of 23 years with the experience gained, it is my democratic right and that of others who feel strongly about the community at large to alert them to the vitally important issues that affect and change the face of our Town, when the council and staff fail to do so.

Perhaps more people should take an interest in the representatives on their council and let them know when they are unhappy or happy.

TINA KLEIN, Eden Hill.