Landcorp conducting farcical meetings

Landcorp conducting farcical meetings

LANDCORP has subjected this community to an interesting mix of slick PR, psychological manipulation and farcical meetings.

Let us look at the stakeholders’ rulebook:

Conduct community surveys over the Christmas period in the hope that it flies under the radar of residents.

Woo the community by initially stating that land around the oval will all become public open space and then later reveal plans for multiple blocks of units.

Conduct all LandCorp meetings like speed dating, glossing over ugly traits.

Stitch up a development agreement before consulting the community,

Assure ratepayers that they have a voice in the redevelopment proposals via a “tick the box” community consultation.

Withhold information from Community Working Group members under the guise of confidentiality.

Act shocked when we suggest there should be “money in lieu” for the loss of any public open space.

Label anyone foolish enough to point out the shortcomings of any of the above as a Nimby or part of a minority of agitators, so forth and so on.

I am involved in the Community Working Group and I can assure you that there are a variety of differing opinions in that group about LandCorp’s preferred redevelopment options.

And the road show continues…