Lighten up, folks

I WOULD love to see Bassendean fly the rainbow flag as a colourful joyous act of welcoming, acceptance and tolerance for all in our community.

We live in an open democratic society that espouses freedom of expression, a right I will always defend.

I support inclusiveness regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, disability, gender or sexuality, but note that only gays are denied the right to marry.

Unfortunately, there is still a vocal minority who, for political or religious reasons, try to prevent the acceptance of gay people and want them to fear persecution if they �come out�.

Gay people support the right to marry and merely seek to have the same right to legitimise their relationships. Recent surveys show that 60-70 per cent of people support marriage equality.

If flying the rainbow flag helps to prevent the suicide of just one of our sons or daughters grappling with their sexuality then I am happy to accept all the flak directed at the proposed motion.

The motion has been presented, a month in advance, to allow community participation.

If my fellow councillors endorse a new flag pole then it also can be used to fly the Irish flag on St Patrick�s Day, Swan�s flag when they win the premiership, celebrate Malta�s Independence Day and fly the New Zealand flag on Anzac Day.

Lighten up folks and enjoy our big blue skies.

PAUL BRIDGES, Councillor, Town of Bassendean.