Little girl knows

They understand the difference very clearly and are able to prioritise the need to tidy their room and do their homework before going to see a movie or visiting a toy shop.

This is a lesson our Premier and some of his ministers are yet to learn.

One of our daughters has several learning and attention difficulties. These conditions are not classified by the Department of Education as warranting learning support by a teacher’s aide.

As remiss as this is, their school has innovatively used the teachers’ assistants for the children with anaphylaxis to run a small group literacy program during teaching time to help 30 children identified as being at severe educational risk.

The Minister for Education announced school budget cuts and loss of teachers’ aide positions, in particular those assigned to the care of children with food anaphylaxis. That will mean the end of this literacy program for our daughter and 30 other children at severe educational risk, among other things, at our local school.

However, we can look forward to a state-of-the-art football stadium in Burswood. Mr Barnett, Mr Collier and Mr Buswell: that is inconceivable and an obscene misallocation of State funds.

Our daughter may not be able to do her reading, writing and arithmetic but she understands the difference between needs and wants. Do you?