Lost in the post

THE good old days are long gone when we had two deliveries of mail a day and one on Saturday morning to our home.

The postie would ride his heavy pushbike laden with letters around the streets; he would blow his whistle to let you know when letters were in your letterbox.

Most of the residents would know the postman by name, who would gladly take a letter from you to be posted at the Post Office. We also had a telegram boy who delivered a written message to you.

Now many Australians have a computer and use it to send emails and many residents have most of their bills sent to an email address.

In addition, many people would have a post box at the local post office.

It all adds up to fewer people needed at Australia Post and hence the redundancies. As we must go with progress, it is also sad that Australia Post must cut down on staff.

I liked the good old days.

FRANK GRANGER, Applecross.