Lovely tree cut

I had the pleasure of living on a block with a magnificent Liquidambar tree. It was a perfect shape, in perfect health and it gave colours throughout the year, shade and was a refuge for the birds.

It was the selling point for the block (despite the New North Redevelopment Scheme’s great points).

Unfortunately, that property was sold on and only in the past six months, three units have replaced all vegetation on the block. That beautiful Liquidambar tree is gone.

In this Balga street 29 units have gone up around Birchley Park, which the council does not maintain properly so the native trees are slowing dying and the park looks unsightly compared to Celebration Park just 50 metres down the road.

With more than 29 new ratepayers, surely council can afford to water and mow the park.

The amount of development and the number of units on each block is ridiculous and destroys the really good work the New North Redevelopment Scheme brought, as well as local action groups whose personal involvement in this area showed genuine interest in the community’s wellbeing.

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